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Queer Rise is a 10.000 piece hand-drawn NFT collection which represents the queer culture. The looks that a segregated and repressed community aspire to own. If the streets can’t represent enough, we can!

You can pick yourself, or your alter ego; the glamorous queen of the ball, the anarchist, the stereotypical lesbian, the flamboyant, the best, the better, we have it all!

The better news is that there’s a group of queer women of color behind this whole idea!

Like every single environment, the NFT world has to be inclusive too, and we’re proud to say that Queer Rise is one of the first collections that is based on the LGBTQ+ culture!

Well, don’t ask the sacred question, “What makes these characters queer?” You do! A queer person can be whoever they want, wear whatever they want, and they do it with grace, honey.

There are some rare ones in there too, for you to sneakily grab in the middle of the night.

The fact that the whole world is gonna turn into one big NFT in the nearest future, we decided to act fast and start the visibility as soon as possible!

Owning one of our collectables, you’ll get your hands on a beautifully crafted Queer Rise character, and also be participating in donations.

22 Backgrounds

12 Skin Colors

8 Skin Makeup

12 Eyebrows

60 Hair

11 Mustache or Beard

23 Mouths

9 Earrings

8 Piercings

13 Eye Makeup

9 Glasses

29 Clothes

6 Necklaces

222 Traits Total

Queer Rise is all about inclusion and diversity.

We created 222 different hand-drawn traits to welcome all types of characteristics and fashion.

Of course, some of them are more rare than others!

Let’s see how many rare ones you can spot!

10% Sold

10 early adopters who celebrate and support us the most will receive special airdrops! You can create some hype on social media to be selected.

20% Sold

20 Queer Rise NFT holders will be gifted a gorgeous digital print of the NFT they hold!

30% Sold

15% of our earnings will be donated to the wayOUT Organization. https://www.wayout.lgbt/

40% Sold

Queer Rise Fund will be established and %15 of our earnings will be moved there to be used in donations and spendings in dedicated areas.

50% Sold

QR Club will be established for Queer Rise NFT holders to come together in dedicated events and gatherings.

60% Sold

15% of our earnings will be donated to the OutRight Action International. https://outrightinternational.org/

70% Sold

A piece of land will be purchased through Sandbox for future opening of Queer Rise Bar.

80% Sold

Opening of Queer Rise Bar: The Metaverse experience of a Queer club!

90% Sold

Launch of Queer Rise Merch which will consist of giveaways, t-shirts, and many more…

100% Sold

The first ever Metaverse Pride Parade!!

Stay with us, because we won’t stop! There’s much more to come after Roadmap 1.0! And always remember, If you can’t love yourself how in the hell you gonna…

The concept of a unique queer NFT project was brought to life by Eda & Ece, a Turkish lesbian couple living in Istanbul. They create content on social media to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and collaborate with great organizations through their queer brand Queerlish. Being queer is quite a challenge in Turkey as it is in many other countries. In the Metaverse, it should not be the same way!

The best designer they knew was their close friend Derin, who had already incorporated the theme of queer empowerment into her designs. With that, the dream team was complete. They look forward to introduce the fantastic queer community to the world of NFT. After all, Queer Rise was born with 3 amazing queer women!



She is a queer-friendly fashion brand owner and entrepreneur. One of her goals is to create a supportive space for queer people in the crypto world! She’s as much of a hustler as a sweetheart!



She is a queer musician and fashion brand owner. She wants to bring more queer & queer-friendly people into the metaverse! You can always spot her from her big warm smile!



She is a queer designer and an artist based in Turkey who has been focusing on inclusivity and empowerment. She can’t stop working but also loves some old rock’n’roll night outs!

Queer Rise is a 10.000 piece hand-drawn NFT collection which represents the queer culture.

Our mission is to make Metaverse a more inclusive and queer-friendly space! We want to show not only the NFT community, but the world that you can’t judge people by their looks. Queer or not, people can be whoever they want and wear whatever they want. Through this and our sales, we want to contribute to our community both emotionally and economically.

It is to make donations as we sell. We already are in collaboration with OutRight and wayout! about the promises on our Roadmap 1.0, and with the opening of Queer Rise fund, we want to donate 15% of our earnings to LGBTQIA+ organizations in Turkey, our homeland.

Each wallet can mint 10.

Through Discord, or you can email us here: queerrise@gmail.com

Kaos GL

Kaos GL is one of the biggest LGBTQIA+ organizations based in Turkey.

Etkin Kampüs

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my gwork

myGwork is the business community for LGBT+ professionals, students, inclusive employers and anyone who believes in workplace equality.